Saturday, June 23, 2012

Word #175

One mans treasure is anothers junk....
Swampy front yard that is full-and I do maen full of
rusty metal objects.....

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restlessjo said...

Wish I could offer you a home for some of these, but, maybe not!
Variety is what this happy world is all about?

Ebony Haywood said...

love the pic! :) welcome back to bloggersville!

Jim said...

Hi Kathy ~~ Nice find, nice words, Kathy. That blue trike surely has had quite a history. Lots of kids went through it.

Too bad he doesn't have a garage like mine. I sure would hate to have all my junk scattered around in the front yard.

Mrs. Jim had a fit when the couch stayed too long on the back porch even if it was under a tarp. None of the golfers ever asked me what it was.